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Management Software

Oracle FS System Manager (GUI) - manage a single system

Windows Installer (Recommended)
Windows installer that will install Oracle FS System Manager. You do not need Java installed.

JAR and Run Scripts
For users not running Windows and those that don't want to run an installer, the below contains a single self-contained JAR file and scripts to run Oracle FS System Manager (Windows batch and Unix shell scripts are provided). You will need Java 1.8 or higher installed.

Oracle FS Command Line Interface (CLI)

Download CLI AIX 5/6/7
Download CLI HPUX IA64
Download CLI Linux 5
Download CLI Linux 6
Download CLI Linux 7
Download CLI Oracle VM Server 3
Download CLI SLES 11
Download CLI Solaris 10/11 SPARC
Download CLI Solaris 10/11 x86
Download CLI Windows

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